Louise Amelie

Louise Amelie, born in 1991 in Berlin, is a Berlin-based photographer & director known for her captivating documentary and street photography and founder and Chairwoman of the international Art and Culture Association ArtCity. e.V.. Her latest endeavor, published in 2023, is a book titled MISSING MEMBER, which she collaborated on with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Phase One and Hatje Cantz Publishers. This compelling work explores the theme of migration in Central Asia and was released in conjunction with an intercultural exhibition between Kyrgyzstan and Berlin at the Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks. The series received the prestigious World Report Award at the Festival of Ethical Photography in Italy as well as the IWPA (International Woman Photography Award) and is part of an international traveling exhibition starting in Tokyo. The book of the same name was presented at Paris Photo and Art Basel in 2023.

Prior to MISSING MEMBER, Louise Amelie achieved significant recognition for her previous works. In 2020, she released her second book, “OFF WORLDS,” in partnership with the renowned German photo book publisher Kettler. This project delves into the outskirts of American society, showcasing not just geographical separation but also a sense of systemic or perceived isolation that often manifests as expressions of independence, pride, and liberty. The image “Morning Coffee,” featured in both the book and the series of the same name, garnered the Portrait of Humanity 2021 prize and the German Photo Book Prize 20/21. Furthermore, it was selected as the winning photo book at the Belfast Photo Festival in 2021.

One of Louise Amelie’s earlier notable works is the comprehensive photo series called SOLE HARLEM, created during her stay in the United States from 2016 to 2017. This project offers a profound exploration of the residents of New York’s Harlem district, capturing the essence of their urban habitat and celebrating the district’s vibrant diversity. SOLE HARLEM received widespread acclaim and was honored with the German Photo Book Prize 18/19. Notably, the photograph “Woman In Blue” from this series was included in the prestigious collection “Portrait Of Humanity,” a collaborative publication by Magnum Photos and the British Journal Of Photography in 2019. The series has been exhibited and showcased on an international platform.

Throughout her career, Louise Amelie has continuously demonstrated her remarkable talent and dedication to capturing the human experience through her lens. Her thought-provoking works shed light on important social issues, creating visual narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide.


2024 PALM Photo Prize
IWPA Award – International Women in Photo Award 
2023 World Report Award 
2023 Belfast Photofestival 
2022 Lucie Foundation – The Portrait Project 
German Peace Award – Felix Schoeller
2021 German Photobook Award
Portray Of Humanity
2021 Lucie Foundation LA
2021 Most Beautiful Photobooks Germany
Lucie Foundation
2018/19 German Photobook Award
2019 Portray Of Humanity
2018/19 Lensculture Emerging Talent Award
2019 Fine Art Photography Award
2018 International Photography Grant


2024 FishEye Gallery, Paris
2023 IWPA – International Women in Photo Award Tokyo
2023 Festival of Ethical Photography, Lodi Italy
Magnum Gallery, Paris
FoYou, Berlin
CRS Gallery, Berlin
Berlin Bishkek Art Weeks, Berlin
2022, Dead End Gallery, Berlin
2021 Belfast Photo Festival
2020/21 Buechel Museum, Aachen
2019 House Of Lucie, LA
2019 Tokyo Metropolitan Library
2019 Cour de lárcheveché, Arles
2019 Photo Basel, Volkshaus
2019 Contemporary Art Ruhr
2018 Klompching Gallery, NY
2018/19 Forum für Fotografie, Cologne
2018 Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart